Forklift servicing & support

Industry leading forklift sales, service and support

Every Baoli forklift for sale is backed by the service and support of the nationwide service network of Linde Material Handing Pty Ltd. This provides the Baoli forklift customer with the peace of mind of having a national after-sales network of 120 fully qualified mobile forklift technicians. All of whom have been trained and graded on the Baoli product, and are supported by professional local industry experienced management and support centres.

All mobile forklift technician vans are fitted with GPS tracking and In Van Terminals to guarantee industry-leading response times. Each is equipped with a complete range of tools and spare forklift parts inventory. The nationwide fleet of mobile technicians is supported by fully equipped workshops and spare parts stores in each capital city.

To further minimise any customer downtime and ensure productivity is at its highest level, Linde Material Handling Pty Ltd operates a unique program whereby their service vans are replenished overnight to ensure all technicians are fully operational at the start of each day.

Linde Material Handling supports the growth of Baoli budget forklifts into the Australian market.

Forklift sales service centre: ready to take your call Forklift mobile vans fitted with GPS tracking and in-van terminals Spare forklift parts carried on all our mobile vans